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David Krmela

The content of this page has been updated and is effective from December 5, 2023.

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I'm open to cooperation

At Crazy Partners and Edu Animo I build ambitious internet services with a global reach.
If you think our collaboration on these projects would be mutually beneficial, please get in touch.

  1. Write me a proposal to e-mail
  2. We will arrange a possible joint meeting
  3. Meet me in my office at the address Sokolovska 694/102, Prague 8 - Karlin

Billing information

David Krmela
Sokolovska 694/102
186 00 Prague
Czech Republic
VAT: CZ9004283299

Bank account

2300461406 / 2010 (Fio banka, a.s.)
IBAN: CZ5920100000002300461406